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Northumberland Coast Captured

Northumberland Coast Captured

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For Decades now Ruth has walked the Northumberland Coast. Painting the sky, seas and sands has been irresistible. Here are those walks, in all seasons and with all the moods of the sea and sky, for the delectation of other Northumbrians who know and share that love of this amazing scenery - and perhaps to tempt others to our secret.

But the coast is not just for the walkers, bathers, and birders. It has a long and mostly arduous history of toil and danger as its people won a living from the sea. The poet Katrina Porteous has a deep understanding of those lives from years of talking with the people of the coast so it is a great pleasure to include some of her work in what is intentionally a very mixed bag of writing, which we hope will stimulate a wider appreciation of the Northumberland Coast.

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